BC took home the most awards out of every province at this year’s Canadian Brewing Awards. Breweries from big and small towns took home a total of 43 medals for having some of the most delicious beers in the country. It’s no secret that we’ve got some great beers, but it’s nice to get a little reminder.

And, of those 43 medals won by BC, 11 were gold. Not too shabby, if we don’t say ourselves. Here are a few that stood out to us.

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Some great Vancouver breweries that took home gold were Strange Fellows (Best Belgian Wit), Parallel 49 (Best American IPA), and Electric Bicycle Brewing (Best American Amber Lager). Plus, a wide variety of BC breweries got the nod, ranging from Philips on Vancouver Island to Central City in Surrey.

In case you needed another reason to drink, you now have a new goal! Try every single one of these award-winning BC beers. Take a sudsy journey around the province, while also supporting some of the best beer companies in Canada.

Just click here to check out the full list of winners from the Canadian Brewing Awards.

Happy drinking!