A local favourite out of Vancouver called R&B Brewing Co. has come up with maybe the most relevant can of beer for the past year, at least in our opinion. Say hello to their new ‘Green Screen IPA’ which has the amazing effect of, you guessed it, disappearing during video calls. Let’s check out this new beer that’s as simple as it is smart!

Launched at the start of May, the Green Screen IPA is presented as the antidote for the hours and hours of video calls that are part of most people’s day by now. And, while we can’t necessarily recommend doing it, we have no problem admitting that we’ve avoided video after 4PM on more than one occasion. What can we say? Beer is tasty, there’s no doubt about it.

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And, rather than expect you to figure it out, the directions for how to make this work have been printed directly on the label. Basically, all you have to do is set up a virtual screen using your regular background, then select ‘Green Screen in Use’ or whatever term is applicable. Now, when you sit down for the call, your beer (if facing the right way) will disappear entirely into the background. This is the kind of stuff Lucius Fox should have been working on for Bruce Wayne, in our humble opinion.

And, we’ll add one final thing to think about before you try this. If you’re actually trying to pull a fast one on your coworkers, then make sure that you’re not also wearing green during the call. Otherwise, people will think that parts of your body are missing, and that’s a clear tip off right there.

The new Green Screen IPA is available at select liquor stores in BC, as well as at R&B Brewing’s taproom. Fingers crossed it gets rolled out nationwide, because we know our coworkers across the country will want to try it out, too.