Kids, leave your screens at home!

You probably already know that getting your kids off their devices can be a challenge, but did you know that studies show 85% of young children exceed the recommended amount of daily screen time for their age group?

Luckily, there’s nothing like a fun, in-person experience to shake things up. Barney’s Adventure Park boasts more than 40 imaginative attractions and activities for your little ones to play creatively and enjoy the outdoors. Plus, there are hourly events and activations for visitors of all ages to enjoy.

Barney’s Adventure Park is Drumheller’s largest outdoor recreational destination, complete with a corn maze, petting zoo, animatronic dinosaur walk, ziplining, seasonal events, and more. It’s a fun day for the whole family – with the added benefit of no screens in sight!

dinosaurs adventure park
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

You’ll find this massive, 27-acre outdoor adventure park less than 2 hours from Calgary where you can enjoy over 40 different outdoor activities, rides, and attractions all inspired by Drumheller’s rich history.

Here are just some of the activities you’ll find at Barney’s Adventure Park in Drumheller!

What To Expect

Animatronic Dinosaur Walk

dinosaur walk drumheller
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Stroll through a prehistoric land where you’ll spot life-size dinosaurs creeping through the trees beside you. Walk along the picturesque trail and imagine you’ve gone back in time – it’s the best way to get a taste of the dinosaur age!

Pig Races

Pick a favourite and watch them go! Make some friendly bets with your family to raise the stakes. The loser buys the ice cream!

Petting Zoo

petting zoo drumheller
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

We can’t all be lucky enough to live on a farm. Get up close and personal with adorable goats, bunny rabbits, and alpacas. For an interactive touch, Barney’s has treat dispensers on-site so you can feed the farm animals right out of your hand.


adventure park zipline drumheller
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

Hang onto a climbing rope and fly down the hillside! This thrilling attraction is a fan favourite among older kids. Don’t worry, you can do it as many times as you like!

Mega Slides

Hop onto your inflatable tube and see how fast you can go on the Mega Slide!


trampoline drumheller
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

Test your balance and see how high you can bounce. The trampoline is big enough for multiple people at a time, so you can get some real air if you try!

Water Balloon Wars

This attraction is new this year and it’s a great way to cool off (and burn some energy) after a hot day. Challenge your friends and family to an epic battle of launching water balloons back and forth!

Trike Racing

trike race drumheller
Image via Barney’s Adventure Park

Zip around the winding track and see if you’re faster than your friends. Make sure to keep the competition friendly!

Plan Your Trip

Barney’s Adventure Park is located only minutes away from the Royal Tyrrell Museum, so you can keep the educational experience going and really dive into the history of the dinosaur age. The park itself offers RV parking with plenty of capacity for the more than 25,000 individuals who visit annually, so it’s great for making a weekend trip!

The park is also fully licensed for alcoholic beverages and will be adding a new saloon and live music stage along with adults-only nights late this summer, plus a Halloween-themed “After Dark” event in the fall. Stay tuned on social media for updates.

Season passes are now available for purchase and include unlimited general admission access, discounts, and access priority for all special events. Season pass holders also receive 10% off in the gift shop and 10% off all food services in the park.

Head to their website to get your tickets for this summer, you’ll have a blast!


When: 9 AM – 5 PM, 7 days a week in July and August
Where: Highway 838 West, Drumheller Valley
Cost: Daily tickets and season passes are available here.