There’s little else (read: nothing) in the world that can soothe that slurpy noodle-induced itch. Well, we might have found one of the best places in town to curb that craving. Enter: Chef Hung’s Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup.

After having won three consecutive awards at the Taiwanese International Beef Noodle Festival, the renowned chef brought his super-secret beef noodle soup recipe to mainland China, the US and the Great White North. While the resto has several locations in and around Vancouver, there is one sole Albertan store which happens to be in our very own Edmonton.

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As can be expected of an award-winning chef, his menu is straight-up drool-worthy and his beef noodle soup is pure perfection. While we don’t have the secret recipe, we do know one secret that sets Chef Hung’s noodle soup apart.

Before we tell you ‘bout this secret though, let’s get one thing out of the way— all noodle soups are NOT the same. People sometimes confuse the Taiwanese beef noodle soup for the Vietnamese pho, because they both use beef-bone broth. By that logic, a Tuna sandwich and a BLT should also be the same thing. But clearly, they aren’t.
The Taiwanese beef noodle soup and pho have hugely different flavour profiles. This is partly because of the herbs and spices used and partly because of the beef cuts and other ingredients. Generally, speaking, the Taiwanese version is the most flavourful of all noodle soups. It’s no wonder it has earned itself the ‘King of Asian Noodles’ title.
Now, the secret. It’s premium quality ingredients. Okay, we know that all good places use high-quality ingredients. But when Chef Hung is picking out ingredients, he means strict business. The beef cuts and marbling, the produce, the herbs and spices, everything is carefully picked out.

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Oh, and while devouring this savoury noodle soup, if you feel like the noodles are extra fluffy and chewy, you aren’t just imagining it. They are, in fact, deliciously chewy. Incidentally, the house-made noodles are prepared with a specific flour from Taiwan.


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The beef noodle soup, along with its many variations, is definitely the main event, other menu inclusions are just as impressive as they are extensive. The sheer number of sides, we tell you! From Marinated Beef Shank with Soy Sauce and Deep Fried Pork Chops to Marinated Dried Tofu and Boiled Broccoli, there are tons of options to keep you coming back for more.

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And don’t even get us started on their Pan-Fried Ground Beef Cake with that crisp covering on the outside and that juicy, spicy delight on the inside. You absolutely have to try it.

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Craving that hot bowl of deliciousness, are we? Well, head over to Whyte Ave. And if you want to save some time and pre-decide your order, check out their menu. But proceed with caution, the pictorial content there is highly potent and will make you really hungry.


Where: 10336 81 Ave NW, Edmonton