Ever dreamed of opening a boutique store? Great news people- Marda Loop’s hot new hangout spot is expanding! The Shops at Avenue Thirty Four is adding a new building, The Henry Block! With new space comes new opportunities as they are currently accepting lease inquiries for local boutiques and office space.

Avenue 34 Boutique Store
Photo via Avenue Thirty Four
Avenue Thirty Four Boutique Store
Photo via Avenue Thirty Four

When Avenue Thirty Four first opened Gardenia Flower Boutique in an original 1910’s character home, we were blown away by the beauty and attention to detail in this flower shop. The outcome was a best-case scenario as it inspired the cool collection of boutiques at Avenue Thirty Four.

From the first retail space, Gardenia Flower Boutique, The Shops at Avenue Thirty Four has now expanded to include Swish Salon, Le Comptoir by Francois, Little Bow Fibre Shop and other unique luxury retail experiences. Sunday State Clothing and Accessories, Avitus Wine Bar, Naked Leaf Tea Shop, and  La Hacienda SpeakEasy are some of the businesses opening this fall.

This stunning development has more to explore around every corner. From walkways between buildings to its clock window, there’s lots to discover. The old word charm of the stores and the upbeat vibe of the community make it obvious why it’s a hangout destination.

With their expansion, your dream of working in a vibrant and upbeat community is within reach!

Check out their website below for more info and contact details.