Toronto’s Aunty Lucy’s Burgers plans to end its daily operations next month, but the good news is, it will shift to pop-ups this summer.

In an Instagram post shared this past weekend, founder Chieff Bosompra announced it will no longer offer daily service and delivery out of the Annex Hotel as of August 31.

“It has been an amazing two years and I’m super grateful for the hospitality of the whole @annexhotels team through it all,” read the post.

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A post shared by Chieff Bosompra (@goaskchieff)

“When the idea of Aunty Lucy’s Burgers began about two and a half years ago all I wanted was to brand a business using a three-day burger pop-up as the canvas.”

Bosompra shared that, though he had no prior experience in the food business, he was still eager and hopeful to create a new experience for all to enjoy.

“The whole journey has been crazy and pretty surreal tbh and I’m very grateful for the experience.”

Thankfully, not all hope is lost because, according to Bosompra, there are a few Aunty Lucy’s pop-ups planned for the summer.

So if you’re a fan of the brand, keep an eye on their socials for upcoming pop-up announcements. Toronto definitely has a soft spot for foodie events!

Aunty Lucy’s Burgers closure

When: August 31, 2022
Where: 296 Brunswick Avenue