If you’ve got 10 minutes a day and are looking to make an impact and help out your neighbours- listen up, because this challenge is for you! From now until March 12th, ATB Financial is making it easier than ever to support fellow Albertans with their #ATBup campaign. The idea is simple, but it’s making a big impact! All they’re asking you is to get involved in their daily challenges, post using their hashtag #ATBup, and they’ll donate $1 to the Alberta Mental Health Foundation.

atb up financial

Not only are these challenges fun and easy to do from home with your bubble, your pets, or even by yourself- ATB Financial has partnered with Headversity, a mental health and resilience platform, to ensure that their challenges are also improving your own mental health and wellbeing as well! Let’s face it, we could all use a little boost from time to time.

Looking to get up to speed in the challenges so far? Here’s a recap of some of what’s been posted. Don’t worry, you’ve got time to catch up!

Get Up and Dance

The title says it all here! Put on your fav tunes and bring out some of your best dance moves. It’s all for a good cause!

Layer Up

It’s been a cold winter and we know you’ve been rocking those layers. So grab all your sweaters (and basically any layer you can find), throw em’ on, and snap a pic!

Glow Up

Whether you were rocking it in the ’70s or the early 2000s, everyone has a classic throwback picture just waiting to come out of the archives! And yep, you bet we wanna see both you (and the picture) re-created.

atb up financial

Toss Up

Nothing says Canada like a make-shift outdoor rink and helping out your neighbors. So, let’s do both! Whether it’s a winning shot in a laundry basket or a crumpled sheet in the trash- catch your best trick shot on camera!

Lift Up

A kind act “just because” always feels the best. And so, we’re especially big fans of today’s latest challenge! It’s time to show your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Whether it’s surprise take-out, flowers or a simple call to your mom (seriously, call your mom!), just make sure to snap a picture while you’re at it.

This year more than ever, we’re all for coming together in support of our fellow Albertans. And with exciting challenges coming out every day, ATB is giving us plenty of opportunities to get involved. So, if you’re ready to get started- head to their campaign page to register for their challenges. You’ll also be entered for daily prize draws from local businesses valued at $500 each!