‘Tis the season to explore the outdoors! And there’s no better time to take a deep dive in Calgary’s art scene ‘cause you could win an Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset while playing a city-wide, art-themed scavenger hunt. How? At the Creative Constellations Scavenger Hunt. The hunt is part of the Creative Constellation series happening from May 2 to June 12.

Before you rush outside, here’s all there’s to know.

Creative Constellations is an event series by The Social Impact Lab and United Way of Calgary and Area. The idea is to give socially engaged artists the appreciation and recognition they deserve, and give art enthusiasts an even better reason to rejoice.

Images via BUMP

The scavenger hunt will make you re-discover the town and familiarize you with organizations and artists who are actively working as forces of social transformation.

In addition to the month-long hunt, there are several different art activations we definitely recommend checking out. Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect−

Creative Constellations Artist Storytelling Salon (May 12)

As the name suggests, this is our time to enjoy a few inspiring and motivating stories. Stories of social issues that matter, stories of artists involved with these issues and stories of how their work impacts them.

Creative Constellations Artist Challenge (May 17)

Okay, think about “how might we cultivate feelings of community and social connection in the wake of the pandemic and coming out of social isolation?” Then imagine using an artistic expression (e.g. painting, sculpture, dance, music, etc.) to express your answer. That’s the Artist Challenge for you. The best part, you don’t necessarily have to be an artist to submit your entries.

Responsible Disruption: Creative Constellations (May 31)

Artist or not, understanding a cultural pillar (in this case socially engaged art) and its impact on us as a community is always intriguing. And that’s exactly what this episode of Responsible Disruption, The Social Impact Lab’s ongoing zoomcast, will tackle.

Creative Constellations Art Expo (June 4)

Amazing showcases, live performances, interactive art workshops and innovation-fueling talks- the art expo has everything to curb your creative cravings. Plus, you get to meet some brilliant artists, art and social innovation organizations and a whole community of art nerds.

Creative Constellations Art Expo Artists & Innovators Date Night (June 6 – 12)

This is one of our faves simply ‘cause it’s an ode to the good ol’ Hollywood-style meet-cute. Local artists will be paired with event participants to go on an adventurous date. You’ll even receive a list of date ideas, better keep that one for future needs!

Frankly, by the sound of these events, it definitely feels like our walk down creative lane will be quite a fun and insightful one. And while we wait for the series to unfold, you can check out the Creative Constellations website for more info on all the events.