While it’s no longer in the Fraser Valley, the Bloom Flower Festival is returning to another spot in BC! If you’re planning a weekend trip to the Okanagan this spring, then you’ll definitely want to keep Armstrong Tulip Festival in mind. Here’s what to know about it.

As the first festival of the year from Bloom, the attraction 2.5 acres of fields into a veritable tulip wonderland! Over 20 varieties of tulips have been planted, including classic colours (red, pink, and yellow) as well as some more exotic ‘bi colour’ options. Which, we have to admit, really pique our interest.

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Sadly, exact dates have yet to be confirmed. But, the organizers are confident that the flowers will be blooming sometime in late April/early May. As for the location, Armstrong is located in between Vernon and Salmon Arm, in Okanagan’s northern region. Some 6 hours away from Vancouver, we’re thinking this is more ‘stop during a weekend’ than ‘big old day trip’. But that’s just us.

Either way, the return of Bloom Flower Festival in BC is sure to put a smile on more than a few faces! Like we said, keep it in mind if you’re planning a little spring getaway over the next few weeks!

Armstrong Tulip Festival

When: Dates TBA
Where: Armstrong, BC
Cost: $16+ for GA