The last few months have been an eye-opener. For one, we had no idea that there were so many people who struggled with the concept of regularly washing their phones. Secondly, although we used to believe that we were the type who could comfortably work from our living room, we definitely aren’t.

Separating work life from home life is actually really tough, but luckily, one Calgary company has come up with a solution! Sturgess Architecture, the folks behind unreal buildings like the boujee new resto Orchard, and attractions like the Columbia Icefield Skywalk, have designed nifty backyard work pods for those who just need to GTFO.

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Dubbed ‘the office retreat,’ these shed-type spaces, are a simple, convenient and COVID-safe solution to making your couch feel more like an after-hours cloud, and less an office chair without wheels.

Though they’re not yet available, these guys have come up with several different models ranging in size and use and are honestly, something that had us wondering why in the heck this wasn’t a thing before!

While some are more minimalistic, with a single desk and a door, they also have plans for offices with a waiting room, a kitchenette and even a composting toilet. Cool, right?

To check it out for yourself, visit their Instagram page here, or head over to the Sturgess Architecture website and look at what other super cool projects they’ve worked on.