So, you’re ready to invest in Vancouver’s real estate market hey? Well, have we got the perfect starter property for you. You see, there’s a driveway for sale in Grandview-Woodland and it’s only $108k! Sure, you can’t do anything with it, but you’ll be a Vancouver property owner. The dream.

The lot is 9 feet wide by 60 feet long, coming in at a total of 540 square feet. Before you ask, no, we weren’t joking, you’re not allowed to build a tiny home or anything like that on the lot. See below for a picture of a cool tiny home that you definitely can’t put there.

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In fact, the property listing literally says that the ‘best use’ of the land is to consolidate with the adjacent property, which is also for sale. However, that one is listed at just over $1.5M. So a little bit of a jump in price, but nothing crazy.

Here’s our idea- buy the property and put a hammock and a fire pit in there. Then, list it on Airbnb as an ‘authentic urbex experience in Vancouver’s historic eastside’. Alternatively, get a permit for bees and start a miniature apiary.

We’d give you free press for that in a heartbeat.