In our eyes, Ramen Danbo is part of the holy trinity of ramen joints in Vancouver, alongside Santouka and Marutama. Now, you’re more than welcome to challenge us on this, but we think that Marutam is best for chicken based broth, Santouka shuts down the spicy miso game, and Danbo does regular old tonkotsu the best.

ramen danbo

Danbo has only got 4 options available, but rest assured that each one is done to perfection. The classic tonkotsu is our go-to, but the shio and miso are delicious as well. For the health nuts out there, get the negi-goma, which comes with sesame oil and extra sesame seeds and scallions.

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ramen danbo

If you want to kick the heat up a bit, then get the ramen ‘rekka’ style for an added touch of spicy. For those who can’t get enough of their pork, the chashu-men option doubles the serving for you. You can’t go wrong with a soft boiled egg for a little extra umami either.

ramen danbo

The sides are just as good as the ramen at Danbo. We usually find ourselves opting for an order of gyoza and the chashu pork donburi. Add a bottle of Sapporo and you’ll be flying.

Ramen Danbo

Where: Two locations, one on Robson and one of West 4th Avenue
Hours: Daily, 11AM-11PM