We have to give a major shoutout to Reddit user ‘Heavyasabrick’ for finding an early frontrunner for Edmonton’s traffic photo of the year. On Thursday morning, they caught a car in a very peculiar position- halfway down the stairs in Mill Creek Ravine.

While not much more information was provided, the image itself is an absolute doozy. Frankly, we’re reminded of Vancouver more than anything, which seems to be the Canadian capital for cars in weird places. That’s just our opinion, though.

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Someone’s morning commute did not go well this morning. Took a wrong turn down the stairs and into Mill Creek. from r/Edmonton

Aside from the embarrassment, we just hope that everyone involved walked away unharmed. We can only imagine how spooky it would be to cartoonishly careen down a staircase, especially when there are cars in the parking lot below.

Usually, our wrong turns just put us a block or two away from the destination. Fortunately, we’ve got this to remind us that we could have been even sillier.