While the chances of hit hitting earth are very slim, we can’t help but think that an asteroid named after the Egyptian god of chaos has decided to swing back around. A recent report from the University of Hawaii confirmed that the asteroid Apophis could hit earth in 2068, an event previously thought impossible.

We’re not astronomers, but we can try to sum up the findings. Basically, the heat from the sun has changed the asteroid’s course, in a process known as Yarkovsky Acceleration. That throws the orbit of the asteroid out of whack, increasing the likelihood of an impact.

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Although, there’s another fun part of this chaotic object. The next time it can be observed by the naked eye? Friday the 13th in April of 2024. Then, researchers will be able to collect even more data on it, and hopefully, provide a clearer picture of its path. But, we’re going to restate that there’s a very slim chance of this happening, so don’t get too sketched out.

If you’d like to read the report in full, just click here! In the meanwhile, we’re praying that Apophis is more of a ‘chaotic good’ vibe.