You folks know that we only talk about the lottery when something zany happens, like someone winning twice in their life or weird payouts or something. And boy, the latest story to come out of Alberta definitely belongs in that category.

Say hello to Andrew Burke. Andrew bought some tickets for the September 16th draw for Lotto 6/49. The funny part? He accidentally bought two tickets with the same number. Yeah, we bet you can see where this is going.

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Turns out, Andrew had the winning numbers, and so technically he had to ‘share’ the total prize with… himself. We wonder if this is the beginning of a superhero/supervillain legacy, some weird Albertan version of Two-Face.

We doubt it though. In a press release, Andrew said that he wants to fix up his house, restore his Land Rover, and retire from work. Yeah, we have a feeling that he’s going to be enjoying the rest of his life in style. To that, we say, congratulations!