Well, well, well, the ol’ switcheroo was attempted by an Alberta driver just outside of Calgary way back in October, and a video posted by the Alberta RCMP on Friday, December 11th shows that it wasn’t quite successful.

Apparently, the driver was pulled over near Cochrane going 142 km/hr in a 110 km/hr zone, which is definitely a little too fast. But, speeding wasn’t the only thing this driver was up to!

As the video below shows (with enhanced visuals so you can see it more clearly), the driver and passenger switched seats while being pulled over. Sure, it’s something you see in movies or might think of in high school, but we can’t imagine this has a high success rate in broad daylight.

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Sure enough, the switch didn’t work. Not only was the driver guilty of speeding and switching, they were also found out to be out on parole for a previous drug trafficking conviction. Yikes.

According to the Alberta RCMP tweet, the ‘driver’s parole was revoked and he was returned to Drumheller Institution’.

Stay safe out there, folks.