Listen up existing and potential Amex Cardmembers, we’ve got some great news. You know the Toronto-born wine and lifestyle app, Somm? Yes, the one that you use to navigate the aisles of the store for the right wine to pair with your culinary creations. Well, Somm has partnered with American Express to bring a whole new world of delightful experiences and top-notch hospitality to Cardmembers.

Eligible Amex Cardmembers can now access the entire range of perks and benefits that come with being a Somm Cru or a Somm Grand Cru Member. And when we say benefits, we don’t mean your everyday deals and discounts. These are carefully curated, personalized experiences designed to treat your palette the way it rightfully deserves to be treated— like royalty.

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Of course, the free-to-download app works as your own personal and surprisingly insightful sommelier that you carry around in your pocket. But in addition to wine recos and pairing suggestions, the app also gives Cru and Grand Cru Members access to premium benefits from some of the best and hottest hospitality destinations in town.

Think unique tastings at wineries, signature stays at luxury hotels, deals, discounts and welcome bevies at restos, special perks at home and lifestyle brands, signature events, exclusive products and tons more.

Photos via Curiocity

In addition, Somm Grand Cru Members also get a sommelier-curated selection of three wines delivered to your doorstep each month. Mind you, these aren’t your everyday, pick-up-at-the-store wines. These are the kinds that you can’t easily get your hands on and once you do, you totally brag about.

Now here’s the part you’re going to love— Eligible Amex Cardmembers can get a 12-month complimentary Cru Membership. And a heavily discounted Grand Cru Membership at $99.99.


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Even if you don’t have an American Express Card, the Memberships quickly pay for themselves. Somm Cru is just $4.99/month and Somm Grand Cru is just $130/month – a pretty great opportunity for the foodie and wine lover in all of us.

If wine-ing is one of the few perks of adulting (and a pretty darn good one at that), we might as well do it right, eh?

Here, check out the Somm website for more info on their Amex partnership and their Member rewards.