Every year, millions of Americans choose to leave the country and live somewhere else. This could be for a better quality of life, a country they’ve always dreamed of living in or simply due to job opportunities. But did you know Canada tops the list when it comes to where Americans want to move?

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Greenback Expat Tax Services, which offers tax consultancy services for Americans abroad, analyzed search volumes using a software system where each country was input with the prefix “moving to” and was ranked based on the average number of monthly Google searches.

Top 15 countries Americans want to move to
Image via Greenback Expat Tax Services

According to Greenback Expat Tax Services, “The country that Americans want to move to the most is Canada with over 2,700 Google searches every month.”

“Spikes in searches for moving to Canada happen often when there are big changes in America, such as when Donald Trump was elected president or the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.”

New Zealand comes in second place with Americans searching to move there over 2,300 times every month.

With its natural beauty, great work-life balance and high quality of life, Greenback Expat Tax Services says “it’s no wonder Americans are looking towards Oceania as a potential move.”

Costa Rica, in Central America, is the third most searched-for country that Americans are keen to move to. The tropical paradise has over 1,700 searches every month and offers Americans biodiversity, gorgeous sandy beaches, and wild nature.

Hey, we don’t blame anyone for wanting to move to Canada!