Another day, another price hike – this time from e-commerce giants, Amazon Prime, who (for the first time ever) have announced that they’ll be increasing membership fees for those in Canada.

The subscription service, which gives loyal customers access to free shipping, their video streaming service, and same-day deliveries, will soon cost a little bit more going forward.

According to a Canadian Press report published by the Toronto Star – May 13th, 2022 AP subscribers will see a $2 increase, bringing monthly prices to $9.99.

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Of course, those who pay for their profile annually will also see an increase of $20 per year – though they won’t’ see a difference until their account is renewed.

If we’re being honest though, it was really only a matter of time.

With the streaming platform producing more major TV shows and movies, like the upcoming Lord of the Rings Series and fulfillment centers popping up all over the country – this isn’t a total surprise.

Hopefully, this is the last one we see for a while, but who knows. Netflix, Crave, and Prime are going to continue to grow and do bigger better things – and those things will likely cost a whole lot of money.

Until then, soak up the last month of your below-average subscription rates, Canada! It was nice while it lasted.