In 2024 we may not have flying cars, but we do have an Amazon Robotics Fulfilment Centre in Alberta that is pretty futuristic!

Located in Calgary, the company’s new warehouse is now open with 2.8 million square feet of space and fancy new technology described as “cutting edge.”

So what’s so different about this particular warehouse?

Here, ‘robots’ will assist in picking, packing, and even sending customers their orders in hopes of creating a safer, more efficient workplace that still provides employees with hands-on training to develop new, in-demand career skills.

“Amazon is thrilled to invest in Calgary while benefitting our employees, customers, and the community,” said Sushant Jha, General Manager at YYC4.

“Through the ingenuity of our Amazon Robotics technology, we are creating new career paths and development opportunities. At the same time, we are delivering to customers at our fastest speeds ever with our safest, most sophisticated, and most advanced operations network.”

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From knick-knacks and deodorant to furniture and food, those who live in Alberta can expect many of their items to ship from Calgary’s state-of-the-art centre, but not without help from 1,500 real people.

Though the new Amazon fulfillment centre in Calgary is among those using this technology to grow, they will still require human hands to get the job done.

Want to be one of them? Keep your eyes on the job board because there are a few perks.

According to the company, Amazon provides eligible operations employees with access to opportunities that will further their education.

Through an upskilling program called Career Choice, eligible employees can enhance skills needed to work in fields like transportation, technology and administration, as well as Business Services.

They also offer health care, employee discounts, RRSP Matching, and paid time off which are all pretty great so keep your resume updated, Alberta!

This could be the beginning of something very exciting