Alzheimer’s Calgary has officially launched its StillMe campaign in advance of World Alzheimer’s Day which is coming up on Thursday, September 21st. Some pretty awesome local businesses support the campaign, and we’re here to tell you what makes this campaign unique and how you can show your support.

Now, we all know what Alzheimer’s is, but there’s unfortunately still a lot of shame and stigma around this unpreventable disease. It’s invisible, often misunderstood, and rarely discussed. 

In learning about the Still Me campaign, our team was stunned to hear that over 46,000 Albertans are living with dementia. That’s almost 1% of the total population. If nothing changes, experts expect that by 2043, this number will increase to 225,000 Albertans, which would represent almost 3.5% of the population. In fact, 51% of all Calgarians share a close connection with someone who has received a diagnosis.

There is no cure, but there are certain things you can do to reduce your risk.

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Alzheimer Calgary’s StillMe campaign aims to destigmatize and humanize our fellow Calgarians affected by Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other related diseases. 

The phrase “It’s still me in here” encapsulates the campaign’s core message: Despite the difficulties posed, affected individuals continue to exist beyond their diagnosis and are not defined by their condition. They can still engage in activities, maintain their relationships, and be active members of their communities.

So, how are we bringing the StillMe campaign to life in our city?

This Thursday, September 21st, there will be Connection Points all throughout the city. Calgarians are encouraged to visit these points to increase their understanding, elevate the voices of people affected, and foster an open and inclusive sense of community. This is important for what’s oftentimes an isolating experience, both for those affected and their loved ones alikeTip sheets and additional resources will also be available at all locations. 

Participating venues and businesses include:

  • Abbey’s Creations (all locations)
  • Analog Coffee (17th Ave)
  • Calgary Central Library 
  • Deville (17th Ave)
  • Esker Foundation (online only) 
  • Memorial Park Library
  • Monogram Coffee (all locations)
  • Noto Gelato
  • Righteous Gelato
  • Rosso Coffee Roasters (all locations)
  • Sunalta Community Association
  • Village Ice Cream (online only) 
Alzheimer Calgary
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With most Calgarians touched by Alzheimer’s, discussing it and building support is crucial.

This Thursday, support your fellow Calgarians affected by Alzheimer’s at a Connection Point by learning more.

Sign up for Alzheimer Calgary’s annual Walk & Run on Sunday, October 8th, at Prince’s Island Park. You can register by clicking below.