You’ve explored the city, the mountains and all that they have to offer, but we bet you haven’t seen it from the sky. Sure, maybe you can say that you eyed the tops of buildings from an airplane or taken a peek of what’s below from the window seat, but the people looked like ants, the buildings looked like lego and the mountains looked one dimensional. When we say from the sky we mean just high enough where you’re above it all, but low enough that it’s all recognizable. To really see Calgary in all its glory, you’ve got to take a hot air balloon, and wouldn’t you know it, Sundance has opened for the season!

Unless you’re scared of heights or falling, chances are, that you’ve dreamt about soaring over a city in a wicker basket and we strongly believe that there’s no time like the present.

Every year from May until September, Sundance Balloons will help you cross off that bucket list item, though to be honest, it won’t be cheap!

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Prices for a magical trip through the sky will run you about $375 per person on weekends, or $350 on weekdays. Steep? Sure, but this is a wildly unique thing

Guests will fly about  2,500 feet up in the air and advised to dress for the weather, because contrary to popular belief it’s just as warm or cold up there as it is down on the ground; for those of you who were afraid of freezing your butts off. 

Please keep in mind that if you do book, there is a chance that your flight could get cancelled due to the weather but don’t worry, they will reschedule you for another flight.

For more information or to book check the Sundance Balloons website here! Enjoy folks, and tag us if you do end up checking it out! Hot balloon photos are almost always beautiful – just don’t drop your phone!