Nestled in Calgary’s unlocked ‘new west’, Alpine Park has been the talk of the town ever since Dream broke ground in the summer of 2020. The community recently opened its showhome neighbourhood to the public this past fall. And one visit here will prove why the community has been deemed an ambitious project and why we need to make it our business to know more about it.

Giving Calgary its first taste of a new urbanist blueprint, the community has gone on to offer some truly unique features. With these new, lifestyle-nurturing features, Alpine Park isn’t just raising the ‘dream home expectations’ bar but is also shattering some long-standing housing stereotypes. Here’s how…

Brings the front yard back to life

Photo Via Curiocity Group

As Canadians, we’re used to more than three-quarters of the front of our homes being a dead driveway and garage space. But when that frees up, there’s room for a lifestyle where porches are a thing, front yards for kids and family to spend time become possible, from-the-porch neighbourly conversations happen, and a bright, sunshine-lit indoor space becomes available. This is what upfront living is about and this is what Alpine Park offers to its residents. In fact, many of the houses actually open onto a common park which serves as an extended common front yard.

Ensures Pedestrian/Biker freedom and safety

Now, this is a classic example of the community’s people-first approach- ensuring the safety of the residents. And Alpine Park is doing it in more than one way. First, there is a well-connected network of broad pathways throughout. You’ll find pathways on both sides of the roads which make biking and walking safe and enjoyable. Then there is the back-laned home concept which ensures kids and families can safely play in the front yards without having to worry about passing cars.

Designed with a people-first approach

Photo Via Curiocity Group

What this means is that the community is built keeping the safety, comfort and convenience of its future residents top of mind. Hence, the upfront living concept with back-laned homes, plenty of green covers, parks with picnic tables and fireplaces, treed boulevards, wide pathways on both sides of every road, a Village Centre and the other unique perks Alpine Park offers. It is the kind of design that enables neighbourly conversations and brings the community together.

Has an ‘amenity core’

In addition to promoting an upfront, safe lifestyle, the community will soon have an amenity core, aka the Village Centre. This is where you can grocery shop, dine, grab a latte, pamper yourself, enjoy seasonal activities and a lot more. Basically, anything and everything the residents need would be available at the Village Centre, including a happening art and culture vibe.

Makes loving (and playing in) the outdoors easier

Photo Via Curiocity Group

Even if we keep the fact that it’s just 7 minutes from Shannon Terrace and under 30 minutes from Kananaskis aside for a bit, the community itself will have 6 major parks within (What!!). All of these parks are well connected with pathways making it easy and safe to explore them all, or even go park hopping (Alpine Park sure is making park-hopping a thing). The parks also boast picnic tables and fireplaces so you can enjoy the outdoors even when the temperatures drop low.

Brings together urban comforts and wilderness charm

As we just mentioned, anything residents need would soon be available within the community but venturing out is just as easy and accessible. An 11-min drive will take you to the Shawnessy Shopping Centre and a mere 20-min drive will get you downtown. While the urban conveniences are impressive, the mountain backdrop, the less-than 30-min drive to Kananaskis and the short drive to Shannon Terrace & Bebo Grove are the highlights.

Clearly, the community isn’t here to provide just homes but a holistic lifestyle. Now, if you are as intrigued as we were, we suggest you go take a look yourself. 

Here’s the Alpine Park website where you can book your appointment and get all the details that you need about the community.