Canadians from coast to coast will be getting a special alert on their phones this week. The Alert Ready test in Canada will take place on November 16th across most provinces and territories.

On Wednesday, one test message from Canada’s national public alerting system will be sent over television, radio, and compatible LTE wireless devices.

The test will help “validate the effectiveness and reliability” of the system to make sure it runs smoothly during a real emergency, according to a press release from Pelmorex Corp.

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The Alert Ready test will also “increase public awareness about the system and spark emergency preparedness conversations, so that Canadians can be ready and prepared in the event of an actual emergency.”

Here’s how it works — government authorities, as well as Environment and Climate Change Canada, will create the alert and decide where and when it is issued.

Then, the alert is sent over to Pelmorex’s NAAD System, who receives it and distributes it to the alert distributors, which are TV networks, radio stations, and wireless providers.

Here is when every province will receive its test alert this Wednesday:

  • Alberta – 1:55 PM MST
  • British Columbia – 1:55 PM PST
  • Manitoba – 1:55 PM CST
  • New Brunswick – 1:55 PM AST
  • Newfoundland & Labrador – 10:55 AM NST
  • Northwest Territories – 1:55 PM NST
  • Nova Scotia – 1:55 PM AST
  • Nunavut – 2:00 PM EST
  • Ontario – 12:55 PM EST
  • Prince Edward Island – No test scheduled
  • Quebec – 1:55 PM EST
  • Saskatchewan – 1:55 PM CST
  • Yukon – 1:55 PM PDT

Given how important it is to know about imminent danger, Canadians do not have the option to opt-out of Alert Ready.

But, unlike other emergency alerts you may have gotten in the past, at least you have a heads up about when to expect this one.