We hope you have an outfit picked, Alberta, because the owners of Paradise Hill Farm and that iconic sunflower field, we guarantee you’ve seen on social media, are now accepting bookings for this season!

The field itself won’t open until August, but by golly, you’re going to want to reserve your spot ASAP – especially because they actually just expanded the size of the whole thing.

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If you’ve somehow missed seeing photos of this floral ‘far as the eye can see’ dream, first off, how? Secondly its absolutely gorgeous, guys. The folks at Paradise Hill take incredible care of everything they put into the ground, and it shows.

Unfortunately, though, they can only do so much! At the end of the day, how long the field stays open and photo-ready is up to Mother Nature. Luckily it’s looking pretty good this season!

“The field is shaping up nicely, the rain has been good for growing Sunflowers so far, and we’re liking the upcoming weather forecast,” they said on their Instagram.

The sunflower field, as of right now, can be booked between 7 am and 7 pm, and are priced differently according to the hour slot you chose. This is being done not only to ensure there isn’t crowding at the farm but also to accommodate everyone’s needs and budget, which is super sweet.

For more pictures or information check out their Instagram here and to reserve your spot in the Alberta sunflower fields at Paradise Hill, you can do so here!


When: August 2020
Where: 280011 Township Rd 162, Nanton
Cost:  $75+