If you’ve been outside this winter season then you already know. It’s been a cold one – but according to The Weather Network, parts of Alberta will actually be even chillier than parts of the notoriously freezing continent of Antarctica this week.

Bundle up and stay inside if you can help it because temperatures will likely plummet no thanks to a Polar Vortex pulse starting Monday, December 5th.

Luckily, things will quickly come to a head tomorrow morning before warming up again – but it’s still something we should all be weary of.


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“Although Antarctica is currently experiencing its summer, temperatures at weather and research stations along the coast are sitting at balmy, single-digit highs,” said Kelly Sonnenburg, a meteorologist at The Weather Network in a recent report.

“Meanwhile, at the South Pole weather station, temperatures are stuck in the -30s, with wind chills in the -40s.

As per TWN’s report, Lloydminster could see the worst of it, as their expected low is – 47°C with the windchill on Tuesday.

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Edmonton, High Level, Fort McMurry and Grande Prairie will also see below -40°C in the AM, while surrounding areas get off much easier.

It’s important to note, that frostbite can occur in minutes in instances like this one, so please, be safe, be smart and stay warm.

These are wild times, Alberta, but spring will be here before you know it.