It’s been mighty cold these last few days but sit tight because the Alberta weather forecast is now calling for snow and some parts of the province could be in for quite the deposit.

According to Justin Shelley, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, some residents may want to keep their shovels handy as we near the second half of the week.

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“We’re starting to see a bit of light snow throughout central parts of the province and that’s going to continue to slump into the southern parts of the province today,” he told Curiocity.

“With this first push of moisture, most of the snow is actually going to be contained to western parts of the province – so areas close to Grande Cache and especially Jasper National Park is where we’re expecting the most snowfall today.”

As for Calgary and Edmonton? Both cities will see some light snow throughout the day, however, cowtown residents can expect it to pick up later this evening.

Edmonton, Alberta weather forecast

Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

This, of course, is only the beginning as we head into Wednesday, Shelley told us.

“We’re going to get a second push of moisture, this time from the Pacific which is really going to ramp up some of the expected snowfall totals in the southern parts of the province.”

Luckily, for the city of Champions, things will start to slow down, meanwhile in Calgary – Mother Nature will only be getting started.

Calgary, Alberta weather forecast

Photo via Environment and Climate Change Canada

“Right now we’re anticipating a few centimetres through the day today, about 2 to 5 tonight and then Wednesday and Wednesday night, likely to see 5 centimetres during the day and 5 centimetres during the evening.”

In total, those in Cowtown should expect anywhere between 10 to 15 centimetres in addition to the existing snow – all of which will likely stick around for a while.

“We’ve gotten a bit of a reprieve from the coldest temperatures today with those forecast highs back into the single digits in Calgary and -12 in Edmonton, but generally speaking, we’re still going to be in a relatively cold airmass for duration of the week,” he explains.

“The snow down in Calgary certainly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon – but we will see a gradual warmup as we head into the weekend.”

The takeaway? The winter weather is here, Alberta and ready or not, it’s going to be our reality for a while longer.

Stay warm, stay safe and hang on tight.

Hopefully, spring isn’t too far behind!