We’ve all done it- you get a window seat on a flight, and find yourself staring at the landscape below to see if anything cool pops up. Well, a pilot found a little nugget in an Albertan farmer’s field, sharing their views on PM Justin Trudeau. Hint: it’s not a super positive message.

In fact, the block letters spell out a very specific message for the Canadian Prime Minister. Because, after all, if you build (or write) it, they will come…

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@pilot_brad_780Things you see when you fly! AMAZING #Canada #fyp @Justin Trudeau

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Yup, that’s it right there. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, you do have to give some props to the message’s creator for their dedication. We’re just happy the pilot was able to share it on social media, because we’re not the type to be taking local plane trips ourselves. Maybe once the Curiocity jet is acquired…

Anyway, we hope these political shenanigans brought a smile to your face!