Wild Rose Country is full of surprises. From larger-than-life landmarks that depict everything from food to kitchen utensils to its alternative museums, Alberta is just as perplexing as it is beautiful. Feel like going for a drive and maybe learning a thing or two along the way? Here are just a few of the most interesting exhibits you’ll find within the province.


Located southeast of Calgary, you’ll find Etzikom, Alberta – home of Alberta’s historical windmill museum. Here you can interact with some of the artifacts, learn more about what life was like as an early pioneer AND wander an exhibit of fossils, petroglyphs, and homesteader tools among other things.

Where: AB-885, Etzikom, AB


Featuring over 1,100 lamps, dating from the 1600s to 1960 – the Donalda Museum is fascinating. Here, not only can you check out the “world’s largest lamp,” you can also explore their local history exhibit – which is like a time capsule contributed to by locals.

Where: 5001 Main St, Donalda, AB


A spot that can only be described as bizarre, yet charming – we’d highly recommend checking out the world-famous Gopher Hole Museum. Featuring nearly 50 scenes set up featuring stuffed gophers doing very human things like barbecuing, getting married, and more –  this has put Torrington on the map big time, and are a 10/10 must-visit.

Where: 208 1 St SW, Torrington


The largest of its kind in the entire world – The Remington Carriage Museum features interactive displays, a working restoration shop, carriages, wagons, sleighs, and fun activities – all of which that tell the story of horse-drawn transportation in North America.

Where: 623 Main Street, Cardston, Alberta

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Set to reopen in the summer, the Museum of Fear and Wonder houses a collection of unusual objects and ’emotionally complicated’ artifacts. A collaborative project by curators Brendan Griebel and Jude Griebel, this exhibit speaks to the complexities and harsh realities of the human experience and really is one-of-a-kind. The only catch? Those interested will have to book their visit – which can be done beginning March 15th, 2023.

Where: Outside of Bergen, Alberta


With hundreds of pieces from the past and present, the Valley Doll Museum is quaint but still worth checking out – unless you get the jeebies looking into a pair of porcelain eyes. With hundreds of wax figurines, glass and character dolls depicting everyone from Elvis and Marilyn to  Dolly Parton – they’ve got an impressive collection and a fun gift shop!

Where: 84 – 3rd Ave West, Drumheller, Alberta



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While it’s definitely the smallest on the list, the Alberta Curbside Museum is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area. From mermen to sticks with holes, these folks have displayed some unusual collections – but we wouldn’t expect anything less from a museum built into a literal fence.

Where: Railway Avenue at Pinewood Crescent, in Canmore, Alberta

and there you have it, 7 Alberta museums you have to check out. Which one will you visit first? Let us know!