The Rockies are calling and while there may be a chill in the air, there’s no better time to answer!

From frost-covered trees to snowy peaks, Wild Rose Country is something else in the wintertime, but where do you go to enjoy the view? Alberta has no shortage of hiking trails, but few are as picturesque as Tunnel Mountain.

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Located in Banff, this stunning trail is well-maintained, tranquil and recently upgraded with new handrails!

Described as a “local go-to” by popular travel company, Pursuit, Tunnel Mountain offers an unparalleled look at the Bow Valley, Mt. Rundle and Banff Townsite

Interested in checking it out?

We’d recommend that you wear appropriate gear (clamps, spikes and warm clothing) and prepare for an uphill battle, but don’t let that deter you from visiting!

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This hike is approximately 2.4 km one way and is considered moderate by Banff and Lake Louise Tourism. It also features interpretive signs along the route so you can take little breaks where you need to.

Once at the top, take a seat on one of Canada’s iconic red chairs and enjoy the sights and sounds of Canada’s first national park, it really is something.

To access the trailhead make your way to St. Julien Road, near the Banff Centre and enjoy!

It’s a beaut!

Tunnel Mountain Hiking Trail, Alberta 

Where: See directions here