Contrary to popular belief, there’s a whole lot more to the Canadian badlands than just rocks and tumbleweeds. Yes, it is a notoriously dry place, but growing some green isn’t an impossibility. In fact, this summer, you can check out their iconic Sunny Spot Corn Maze and get lost in big, lush, football-field-sized T-Rex! Talk about an area with some versatility…

Known to the locals as THE place you go when you’ve got the meats, The Sunny Spot has an eatery with incredible burgers, an adorable garden market, and is also home to an impressive cornfield, and good luck finding your way all the way through!

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With 5 acres of larger-than-life stover, getting from point A to point B will not be an easy task, but man, will it be worth it.

You see, the maze also has a story to tell and at each checkpoint, you’ll get another piece of the puzzle which we think is a pretty dang cool idea (especially because you could be in there for hours.)

Not incentive enough to check it out? Maybe the extremely low price will help?

Tickets can be purchased at the door for $8 per person or $50 for a season pass – which will also include a free scoop of ice cream which is certainly not bad – at all!

Hope to see you all out and wandering aimlessly trying to find the exit. After all, is there a better way to spend the last month of the season?


When: Wednesdays – Mondays until September 21
Where: 5225 Highway 10 East Drumheller, AB
Cost: $8