Over the last few years, we’ve learnt to expect the unexpected from everyone everywhere – but this certainly wasn’t on our bingo card this week!

In an effort to keep things clean and tidy, the Alberta Government regularly auctions off items that they don’t use such as furniture, electronics and agricultural equipment – but many were taken aback when an old donair costume appeared on their site.

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Photo via surplus.gov.ab.ca

Posted earlier this month, the costume has amassed a ton of attention and interested buyers willing to spend some serious cash.

Since it was published on July 14th, several bids have taken the price from just $50 to a whopping $7,000 (at the time of publication.)

Photo via surplus.gov.ab.ca

Described as being in ‘excellent condition,’ the giant donair is made of different varieties of latex, volcanized rubbers and synthetics.

In addition to the wrap itself, the costume also comes with a silver-coloured body suit for “that authentic tinfoil look,’ and will remain on the site and open to bidders until August 18th, 2023.

Photo via surplus.gov.ab.ca

This is actually longer than anticipated ” due to the rarity,” of the item – but that doesn’t mean you should sleep on it!

Those who are interested are encouraged to head to the Government Alberta auction website now – but be warned. You’ll have some stiff competition!

Good luck!