It won’t be long until the weather is top-notch and you’re looking for somewhere to take in the fresh Canadian air.

This sunny season, consider taking a stroll just outside Hinton, Alberta, a charming town with a magical boardwalk surrounded by trees and wildlife.

Widely considered the longest of its kind, the Beaver Boardwalk is a freshwater pathway that is over 3 kilometres long and features seating areas and interpretive signs.

Built by a team of dedicated volunteers, the all-season pathway is best enjoyed in the warmer months when the many beavers who occupy the pond are hard at work.

Whether it be building, nibbling, or lounging, those who visit this spring have a pretty good chance of seeing the walk’s namesake critter in and around their home – according to Hinton’s website.

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“Numbers of beavers vary from year to year, but at times there are upwards of a dozen in the area.,” they write on their website.

“The boardwalk meanders through marshland and fens, bringing visitors close to the active beaver dam and lodge. Visiting in the warm weather months, early morning or evening is the best time to see the beavers hard at work. Numerous species of birds, butterflies, as well as deer frequent the boardwalk area and surrounding trail systems.”

Ready to get out and about? Pack light, don’t forget a snack, and keep your eyes peeled!

You never know what or who you’ll see!

Happy walking!

Beaver Boardwalk – Hinton, Alberta

Where: 408 Collinge Rd, Hinton, AB