Pretty crazy that a company that has kept the same design since the 1930s is also really down to embrace the future. The iconic trailer company Airstream has unveiled a new office travel trailer, turning the idea of ‘working from home’ on its head. Let’s check it out!

Airstream just unveiled a stunning new office travel trailer

Officially called the Flying Cloud 30FB Office, the new model replaces a corner bunk with a fully-functional office space. In another forward-thinking move, the trailer can also be outfitted with solar panels, and is prewired for Wi-Fi.

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Dang, we’re still just floored that a company with such a futuristic design has managed to stay in the moment for decades. Your new office looks like it’s out of a sci-fi novel, functions like it’s already 2030, and your office view can be anywhere you can drive to.

Of course, this luxury comes at a cost, with the model starting at $107,500 USD. Looks like we need to add a few more pennies to the penny jar before we sign a lease! For more info on this new office travel trailer, head to the Airstream website.

See you on the road, in the middle of nowhere, doing your taxes!