Well, yesterday was a big day for Albertans, wasn’t it? The province saw a brand new set of restrictions and was declared as ‘in a state of public emergency’. Now, with new measures in place and COVID cases still on the rise, we’ve begun to see businesses respond and popular temp rental service, Airbnb is leading the way.

Since the Premiere made his announcement Wednesday, Airbnb has actually taken down over 44 Alberta (24 in Calgary, 20 in Edmonton) listings in total in an effort to prevent parties and larger social gatherings.

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So why these particular houses and hosts? Well, according to CTV News, these particular rentals were all subject to previous neighbour complaints or rule violations – which is a bit of risk considering the government’s recent crackdown.

So, there you have it. Airbnb has spoken! Stay home, be safe and for the love of Yonce’ don’t throw parties at your house or anyone else’s. Download a Zoom background, send out a few invites and drink alone together in sweat pants and a cute top like the rest of us. We all need to do our part!