So it looks like there’s been an interesting silver lining to the whole world shutting down thanks to COVID-19. Air pollution in Canada’s major cities has gone down! Yup, in recent studies of cities like Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, and Calgary, scientists have found a drop in air pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. This change could have awesome benefits for human health.

The cleaner air is especially beneficial for folks who suffer from asthma. Those nasty air pollutants can get into your lungs and trigger asthma attacks, heart attacks, and stroke. So with fewer of them around, there’s less of a chance of that happening! And given that lung health is extra important in these dark days of COVID-19, this change in air quality could be life-saving.

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Of course, the change in air quality is thanks to the number of people who are now staying home. With fewer cars on the road, there are fewer harmful chemicals being released into our environment. It really makes us wonder if policies will be put in place to keep these positive changes once COVID-19 is over… What do you think?

So if you go outside today, take a deep inhale of that cleaner air. Who doesn’t love having less air pollution?