Artificial Intelligence has been around for quite some time but recently it’s sparked a ton of interest due to opportunities that could come with the technological advancement. With many starting to rely on AI services, job opportunities have begun to pop up across the world, many of which are available in Canada. In a new ranking, three Canadian cities were listed and are among the world’s best for AI salaries.

Business Name Generator, analyzed 50 cities across the globe, looking at metrics such as the number of AI events and total AI venture capital investment to reveal the top most AI-driven cities.

Per the ranking, for Canadian cities, the annual salaries for AI roles hit a high of $117,000. That’s in none other than Toronto which is a difference of 47.6% when compared to the average median salary in Canada. There are about 279 AI jobs available in the city.

The next Canadian city is Vancouver in second place, 13th overall. Its average yearly salary for AI roles is $111,396 with about 112 AI jobs available.

In third is Montreal, 14th overall, with an average yearly salary of $108,601 and about 125 jobs available.

Check out the full chart below:

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But Canadian numbers are nothing in comparison to our friends south of the border. Seattle, San Francisco, and Chicago are among the highest-rated cities in the world.

Nonetheless, if you’re looking to take your career to the next level or change course, a career in AI is looking a little promising.