Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 20th, ramen lovers. Because Mount Pleasant is getting a new hotspot for ramen and delicious dumplings. Afuri Ramen + Dumpling is Tokyo-based and known for its MSG-free dishes like their signature Yuzu Shio Ramen, killer gyoza game, and their now famous soft shell crab bun.

“Our menu centers around our signature bowl of Yuzu Shio ramen; a light, delicate broth built upon a reduction made from local chicken, dry fish “niboshi” “katsuobushi,” dry konbu seaweed, and vegetables to produce a layer of umami flavours and hints of refreshing yuzu citrus.”

Afuri Ramen opened its first Canadian outpost back in 2019 in Richmond, and has since become a staple for traditional Afuri-style ramen. Their dishes are heavily influenced by the unique geography and philosophy of a particular Japanese landscape.

“We’re named after a mountain—Mt. Afuri, on the east edge of the Tanzawa mountains in Kanagawa prefecture. Legend has it Mt. Afuri is the father of Mt. Fuji. Our kitchen uses the same techniques employed in our central kitchen at the foot of Afuri mountain.”

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So, get ready to sip on some specialty sake or Japanese whiskey and feast on ramen & gyoza. Pro-tip: If you want a brief escape from the heat this weekend, opting for something spicy might actually do the trick (more spice = more sweat = cooldown).

Afuri Ramen + Dumpling – Mount Pleasant

When: Opens Saturday, August 20th
Where: 2801 Main Street