Sad news today for all of you inner-city slickers. Due to rising costs, a diminishing membership base and challenges in the downtown environment, the YMCA in Eau Claire has announced that they’ll be closing its doors permanently.

In a press release sent out this week, the Y said that they were actually been facing these problems long before the pandemic, but that COVID was basically the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“We know this is very difficult news to hear. Please know this was not a decision we undertook lightly,” they said, adding that they will be doing everything they can to help former employees and current YMCA members.

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On the bright side, despite the facility saying that they would not reopen the gym, running track or pool, their child centre will remain operational until April 30th. This is being done to help families work through the transition, ensuring that no one is left without care.

This YMCA has been brought joy, jobs and a sense of community to so many people over the last 30 years so it’s tough to watch it close down.

In celebration of all that it’s done for people since 1988, they’re asking anyone who has a story or photo, to share it on their website for old time’s sake… because, if nothing else, we can all giggle at 80s aerobics outfits and 90s hairstyles.


Where: 101 3 Street SW, Calgary