If your New Year’s resolution is trying something new or getting back into a regular workout routine, Calgary’s recreation programs are a great place to start. From yoga and pilates classes to swimming and basketball — the opportunities are endless and they have something good for all fitness levels and budgets.

The City of Calgary’s recreation programs strive to provide accessible facilities and classes for all members of the community. Their “good for you” classes are not only good for your heart, but good for your soul and the friends and family you’re spending time with during them. 

Here’s some of the courses and amenities you can expect at Calgary’s local recreation centres: 

Art and pottery classes

Want to brush up on an old skill, or take a stroke at something new? Expand your creativity skills by taking a drawing or painting course, or better yet, get your hands dirty while molding a new mug during a pottery class! Classes are offered for all levels and are available at both North Mount Pleasant Arts Centre and Wildflower Arts Centre.

Fitness classes

Keen to start sweating out 2023? Calgary’s leisure and fitness centres are a great place to get a workout in. Take a yoga class to work on your flexibility and mindfulness or try a pilates workout to start building muscle strength.

Free and drop-in activities

Who says your resolution has to come with a hefty price tag? From outdoor skating rinks and cross country skiing tracks to adventure playgrounds and walking trails, locals of all ages can enjoy accessible activities. Plus, there are multiple leisure, aquatic and fitness centres you can drop in throughout the city.

Rentals and bookings

If you’re looking to spend more time with friends in the New Year, you can also rent community spaces throughout the city. Ice rinks, gymnasiums and indoor turf fields are all available for rent, and provide a great space for some team bonding or weekend activity with friends.

Ready to kick-start the New Year with a new hobby or wellness goal? Head to Calgary’s recreation hub to browse through classes, nearby facilities, and book your next activity.