The latest instance of coyote attacks in Stanley Park got the actor Alan Tudyk, who’s in town filming the new SyFy series Resident Alien (which is apparently great), to share the experience on social media. On Sunday, Tudyk took to Twitter to a) let people know everything is alright and b) share what happened with his followers.

According to him, his wife was out in Stanley Park walking their two dogs when a coyote rolled up and started being aggressive. The 10-minute long standoff included the coyote ‘grabbing’ one of the dogs, before two cyclists were able to help deter it.

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Luckily, there were no (human or dog) injuries, and Tudyk was able to end the update with a little joke about dealing with coyotes. That said, coyote attacks in Stanley Park have recently been on the rise, so make sure you know how to deal with one if you see it.

We might have to watch a couple of episodes of Resident Alien now. Full disclosure, we had forgot that Tudyk is a comedic genius. Seriously, who doesn’t think Steve the Pirate is right up there with Brick Tamland?