Are you driven by your gut? Do you listen to it?    

Well, you should, because your gut health actually accounts for a lot of things in your life. Unfortunately, for most people, it’s still poorly understood. Well, that’s about to change. 

Activia, the pioneer of probiotic yogurt in the Danone family of brands, is bringing a massive event to Toronto featuring gutsy speakers to help reach and inspire Canadians on the power of nourishing and leading with their gut.

You’re probably wondering what probiotic yogurt has to do with gut health. The answer is: a lot. 

 Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming We’ve Got Guts Forum and why you should mark your calendar.

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What To Expect 

The We’ve Got Guts Forum is a public event promoting and educating about the importance of gut health and how to live your best life. There will be meaningful talks, science-backed insights, and hands-on workshops hosted by some of Canada’s top thought leaders.   

The lineup of speakers will address topics of gut health and empowerment from their own perspectives so you can learn from their experiences and expertise. This event is also completely free and will take place in Toronto on Friday, September 22, at Artscape Wychwood Barns. 

Who Will Be There 

This event will include masterclasses, hands-on workshops, fireside chats, and panels all rolled into one – and did we mention it’s completely free?! 

Out of the many amazing speakers at this event, attendees will hear from Andrea Hardy, registered dietitian, owner of Ignite Nutrition, and Canada’s Gut Health Expert. As someone diagnosed with IBS herself, Andrea is on a mission to communicate credible, evidence-based knowledge about nutrition, gut health, and digestive disorders in a way that is easy to swallow (pun intended). 

Photo via Activia

“For my workshop at the We’ve Got Guts Forum presented by Activia, we’re going to be talking all things digestive health – forget what you’ve learned on Instagram or TikTok – most information online is actually misinformation when it comes to our health, and often makes us feel like there’s something wrong with us we need to fix, with yet another supplement to purchase. I’m going to break it down into easy-to-digest bites of information to help empower you to trust your gut!” – Andrea Hardy  

Another speaker to look out for is Raia Carey, a 3x certified life coach, motivational speaker, and fitness enthusiast who specializes in helping people find their confidence – no matter who they are or how they identify.   

“Being part of the first We’ve Got Guts Forum presented by Activia is incredibly exciting and deeply important to me. My parents always taught me to stand up for what is right and be a voice for those who do not- it’s now part of who I am and my core values. I really encourage anyone interested in learning more about the mind-gut connection to join this event, accessible to all.”  – Raia Carey 

Other speakers include:  

  • Penny Oleksiak, Canada’s most decorated Olympian.  
  • Amber Cohen, Registered Clinical Psychologist. 
  • Chloe Wilde, entertainment reporter and wellness entrepreneur.  
  • Jully Black, multiple Juno award-winning singer and philanthropist. 

This amazing event will feature a social call to action on behalf of The Canadian Digestive Health Foundation and Dress For Success Toronto (DFS Toronto). As part of Activia’s commitment to empowering women and in support of Dress for Success Toronto, the brand invites attendees to donate clothes on-site to support helping women and non-binary individuals succeed in the professional world. Be sure to stop by their booths at the event to learn more about what these non-profits do for Canadians! 

Trust your gut, and don’t forget to sign up for this free event. 


When: Friday, September 22 at 8:30 AM  
Where: Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto 
Cost: Free to attend, register online