Something amazing happened last May. Of course, we informed you about it then. A Canadian-made, Health Canada-approved, science-backed hangover prevention supplement was introduced to Canadians. Enter: Activate DHM! A year in, the supplement has gone on to become quite the rage and has received glowing reviews from users. As it happens, it deserves all the hype.

For the uninitiated, Activate DHM is an all-natural, vegan and gluten-free supplement that was launched by a Winnipeg-born start-up Bomb Squad Nutrition Ltd. And the reason it works is, that, unlike the billion home remedies that Google will feed you, the pill is backed by science.

So, how exactly does Activate DHM work? To understand that, let’s jump into a quick bio lesson here.

Activate DHM
Photo via Activate DHM

When you drink alcohol, your liver works to break it down and metabolizes it to a substance called Acetaldehyde. This toxin is what causes hangover symptoms. Additionally, alcohol also suppresses glutamate activity in the body. So, your body produces excessive glutamate to compensate for the reduced activity. This process is called Glutamate Rebound and this is what causes anxiety with hangovers.

What Activate DHM does is that it helps boost your liver function. So, your liver breaks down alcohol faster and more efficiently allowing your body to get rid of Acetaldehyde much faster. The supplement also prevents your brain from producing excess glutamate. So, you can skip the hangxiety. 

All of this is done by the primary ingredient in the supplement, DHM or Dihydromyricetin. And while it is the star of the pill, there is also Vitamin B and electrolytes in there to keep you hydrated. Meaning, you can actually wake up fresh and hydrated after a drinking sesh with your buds the night before. If this doesn’t count as a miracle, we don’t know what will!

Activate DHM
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All you have to do is have one pill before or with your first drink. And then another pill with water right before bed. And you wake up your usual, fresh self.

If the science and the glowing reviews they have received aren’t enough for you, the Activate DHM comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, do yourself a solid and give the pill a try, if you haven’t already.

You can grab the supplement from their website below and get it shipped for free anywhere in Canada.

Here’s to worry-free night outs with the squad!