“I don’t need me-time,” said NO ONE ever! Because honestly, life happens and when it does, we all need and deserve to isolate all that drama to revive ourselves, physically and mentally. Besides, going to the spa has never been more appealing than now, what with the long lockdown hibernation we are walking out of. So, we were excited to see Achieve Wellness Spa set up shop at Signal Hill, Calgary.

After two successful establishments in Fort McMurray, the brand opened its first all-service (almost) luxury spa in Calgary, and it’s living up to its name every bit. How? Well, by focusing on holistic wellness and not just a short-lived feel-good vibe. Plus, it’s taking care of all the spa, salon and beauty needs we’ve been craving to address so desperately for the past one-plus years.

The spa offers an array of preventive and restorative wellness solutions. Whether you are looking to relax with massage therapy, relieve those stiff and painful muscles with osteopathy and shockwave therapy, outline your facial features with skin remodeling,  botox injections and fillers or simply get a mani-pedi or a rejuvenating facial, Achieve Wellness has got you covered all the way.

achieve wellness
Photo via Curiocity Group

The list of services does not end here; there’s plenty more where that came from. The spa is one of those big-on-technology kinds and you’ll find some pretty advanced machinery from InMode Technology including, Triton, the gold standard in laser hair removal; Forma a skin tightening and contouring treatment and Morpheus8 a focused treatment that combines radiofrequency with needling to achieve total skin rejuvenation (if you frequent spas you’re obviously impressed).

Their long list of services also includes physical therapy and laser teeth whitening, services you don’t usually see spas offering. You can actually check out the entire list of services here.

While the extensive list of treatments offered is definitely the highlight of the spa, the overall aura of luxury is what makes it a must-try. The swanky and spacious, not to mention super clean, locker rooms, the cozy robes and comfy slippers make sure you feel pampered to the fullest and leave the spa happier than ever. To further ensure a safe and comfortable experience, all COVID-19 safety measures are being followed with utmost care.

Achieve Wellness Spa has its own line of products that it uses and if you’re in love with any or all of these products (they insist you will be), you can purchase them for home use.

Now, this is the kind of wellness we approve of! What do you say?

Achieve Wellness Spa

Where: 5629 Signal Hill Centre SW