Listen up art enthusiasts, cocktail lovers and anyone who likes to have their mind blown. Absolut Vodka just launched its Mix Your Neighbourhood campaign and it’s hands down the best thing we’ve seen in 2023 so far.

As a staple in any cocktail lineup, Absolut has always embraced new avenues to embody its Born To Mix philosophy. As such, they actively pursue opportunities to transcend creativity, not only limited to what is visible but also extending to the realm of imagination. And they are doing exactly that – taking creativity to new heights – with their Mix Your Neighbourhood campaign.

With this campaign, Absolut is mixing Calgary neighbourhoods IRL. How? That’s the ingenious part.

Absolut Vodka Mix Your Neighbourhood Calgary
Photos via Absolut Vodka

The folks at Absolut Vodka engaged locals to discover the key ingredients of their neighbourhoods – think of the defining characteristics that make it unique like vibrant, fashion-forward, traditional, iconic landmarks and more. And based on the neighbourhood ingredients, an AI platform mixed stunning cocktail artworks that celebrate each neighbourhood.

But this isn’t where it ends! They then worked with bartenders to recreate the AI artwork into real-life cocktails. So, when you sip that drink, you are actually sipping your neighbourhood. How cool is that?

Absolut Vodka Mix Your Neighbourhood Calgary
Photo via Absolut Vodka

So far, they have turned the likes of 17th Ave, Banff Ave, Beltline and more into gorgeous cocktail artwork. And they are looking for more interesting neighbourhoods to do the same.

Check out the website below to send in your neighbourhood nomination for the chance to be mixed up next!