You definitely see your fair share of weirdness in Vancouver. But it’s not every day that you see a black bear roaming the streets downtown. This strange sighting happened this past Tuesday right in the middle of Gastown. Talk about wild!

The black bear was spotted wandering down the tracks in Gastown in a video posted by Twitter user Craig Minielly. Minielly was working in his studio at the time when he caught a glimpse of the unusual visitor. Who knows, maybe the bear was trying to get to work at his own studio via train hopping. Either way, conservation officers were sent in to help the bear on his way.

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This latest urban black bear sighting is just a reminder that you truly never know what you’ll see in Vancouver. And yet another reminder to always keep your eyes peeled.  We hope that the bear is doing well wherever it ended up and we’re also hoping that it doesn’t make any more trips to the city. Because that’s not the kind of friend we’d like to run into.