And here we are getting freaked out at the idea of having to talk for more than 30 seconds at company meetings. Local comedian Graham Clark is doing the unthinkable this week, and trying to pull off 24 hours straight of standup comedy. And as an extra bonus, it’s all for a good cause. Here’s what to know about it.

Aptly named “Graham Clark’s 24 Hours of Standup Fundraiser”, the show will be kicking off on Friday, December 17th and will run straight through to Saturday night. Clark, by the way, is no stranger to making people laugh, having won a Canadian Comedy Award 3 times, as well as appearing on Just for Laughs as well as HBO’s Funny as Hell. Oh yeah, he also makes paintings with his beard.

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While Clark is guaranteed to make you laugh, the reason he’s doing it isn’t as funny. The 24-hour set is a fundraiser for the Little Mountain Gallery, a local theatre, gallery and meeting space that has become a staple for Vancouver’s comedy and creative scenes. LMG is getting kicked out of its current location on January 1st, so they’re trying to raise as much as they can to find a new home and stay afloat while they move.

Well, there ain’t a much better way to do it than this. Tickets will be available in 60 to 90 minutes chunks for the entirety of Clark’s set, which will also be live-streamed online. The first hour has already sold out, but obviously, we think this is best enjoyed either at like 3:30AM Saturday morning or right at the tail end of the performance. That’s when things will be real loopy.

So, if you’re looking for something different to do in Vancouver this weekend, make sure to keep this in mind!

Graham Clark’s 24 Hours of Standup Fundraiser

When: Friday, December 17th to Saturday, December 18th
Where: 195 East 26th Avenue
Cost: $20 for tickets