We’ll be honest, there are few things we love more than videos of famous people not being recognized and just being asked random questions. So, we’re happy to see that the NHL Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla was asked his thoughts on Boston’s weather.

That’s right, the Edmonton-born hockey superstar was interviewed by the station 25 News in Boston (we’re surprised he wasn’t recognized as a former Bruin at least). The focus? The difficulty of driving in a snowstorm. Which makes his answers that much funnier.

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Iggy said that he ‘liked the winter’ but that it might be a ‘little too much’. Then, later in the interview, he says that he’s from Canada, so he’s used to driving in those conditions. He even offered some helpful advice for viewers at home. What can we say? The guy’s a class act.

Here’s hoping we see more Canadian celebs on the news for random stuff. What does Ryan Reynolds think about the line outside of Costco? Is Celine Dion ok with a new speed bump in her neighbourhood? These are the questions we want answers to.

Fingers crossed that we get them!