You might be reading that headline and wondering why we would bother talking about a contest on Twitter. Fair enough, but the person behind the contest for the unofficial best beer in BC is Justin McElroy, a reporter for the CBC. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s also the person who created the bracket for Vancouver’s most iconic building.

But that was a while back, and McElroy had other things in mind this spring. Specifically, which of BC’s dozens of award-winning beers is ‘actually’ the best in the province. He rounded up 64 notable beers (from Cariboo to 33 Acres of Darkness) and asked his followers to vote on their favourites.

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Well, last Friday was the final showdown, and it was between the Four Winds Nectarous and the Driftwood Fat Tug. It was a tight race featuring over 4,600 votes, but the Fat Tug came out ahead with a 53.7% majority. We belong to the ‘we’ll drink it if it’s beer’ demographic, but we think that a sour and an IPA landing in the top 2 spots is a good look for BC.

And, if anything, you can treat the competition as a great bucket list of beers to drink this summer. Well, maybe push the stouts and the heavier stuff to the fall.