There’s always room for one more bubble tea spot in Calgary, but this one might steal your hearts and may also take over your social feed. Don’t Yell at Me is a mega-famed cafe overseas, and later this month will open its very first location in Alberta!

This whimsical chain currently has shops in Japan, Hong Kong, and Malaysia among others, and has decided to take on good ol’ Cowtown. We’re pretty stoked for this one, guys. We don’t know if their bubble tea is any good, but the cafe itself is aesthetic AF and they’re open until late. That’s more than enough for us!

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We’re not sure yet if their menu will be identical to that of the DYAM’s overseas, but we’re crossing our fingers. They have a wide assortment of everything from traditional flavours like taro, mango, and lychee, to more the ‘experimental.’

Fancy a black sesame milk tea with sweet potato pearls? Yes? No? How about winter-melon boba infused with chrysanthemums? There’s no doubt that some of these are going to be amazing, but we’d be lying if we weren’t skeptical, cause they get pretty wild. If you’re not a bubble tea fan, they’ll also have coffees, lattes and spritzer type bevvies.

Don’t Yell at Me is expected to open near the end of March on 17th Ave, and we’re actually kind of honoured they picked us. These guys have been pretty mysterious so far, but we’ll keep you updated as more information rolls in!

“Where should we get bubble tea? “Don’t Yell at Me!” “Oh god, sorry.”


When: March TBD
Where: 621 17 Ave SW, Calgary